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Radical Honesty

The Problem

Indonesia is drowning in plastic waste. A lack of waste management infrastructure paired with over-production and over-consumption of plastics leads to massive environmental pollution. Besides authorities and industries not taking sufficient action, consumers lack of information and awareness about pollution as well as a responsible consumption and disposal of goods.

Our Solution

@bulesampah raises awareness for the waste problem in Indonesia. We show a primarily Bahasa speaking audience how to reduce, reuse and recover organic and non-organic material. @bulesampah is a climate reporting platform on social media channels with a mission to “Make Indonesia Clean Again”. @bulesampah highlights solutions for a more circular economy in Indonesia and is a Key Opinion Leader (KOL) of Sustainability. We are experts in communicating innovations, developments and obstacles within the waste sector.

Harm reduction

Our Success

Around 95 percent of the audience watches from Indonesia, followed by Malaysia, Singapore, Germany, Thailand, the US and Australia. The channels reach up to 3 Million accounts monthly and gain about 3.000 followers per month on each platform. 

With @bulesampah we are able to leverage our client's mission and increase the corporate or initiative outreach. We influence responsible consumption and environmentally healthy disposal of goods.

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