Our philosophy and way of working

Our Philosophy
Radical Honesty
Radical Honesty

1. Radical Honesty

We believe that unsustainable or even greenwashing industries have to be held accountable for their environmental impact.

VEL can support you on your way towards a more sustainable production but we will always be realistic and outspoken about what needs to be improved urgently.

2. Transparency

We believe that the key to a cleaner Indonesia is the mutual understanding of different stakeholders. Governments, plastic industries and communities must understand each other's needs and demands in order to improve the overall waste situation.

Thus, we need data, open knowledge and a transfer of technology between sectors and stakeholders. VEL believes in cooperation rather than competition and is open for all interactions.
Harm reduction
Harm Reduction

3. Harm Reduction

Downcycling and the recovery of energetic value of plastic waste during incineration are low level waste management solutions. They are not a way to a more circular, sustainable or somehow green economy but emergency measurements to prevent greater destruction of the environment.

Diverting material from harmfully entering the ocean or land is called “harm reduction”. VEL supports those low level solutions in high impact areas such as remote islands of Indonesia with a lack of waste management. We help do the laundry for you until your clothes are less dirty.

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