We Make Indonesia Clean Again

We believe in environmental change for the better. We educate society to move towards a more circular economy

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About Us

Our foundation promotes a clean and thriving Indonesia. We raise awareness for environmental relations, specifically the prevention of organic and non-organic waste.

The foundation is a joint venture of @bulesampah and RECO Indonesia.

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@bulesampah is a climate reporting platform on social media presented by German journalist, author and filmmaker Benedict Wermter with a mission to “Make Indonesia Clean Again”.

@bulesampah Highlights solutions for a more circular economy in Indonesia. @bulesampah is a Key Opinion Leader of Sustainability.

RECO Indonesia

Recovered Indonesia is recycling hard-to-recyclable plastics with a focus on coastal and remote land areas where waste management is almost non-existent.

RECO is professionalizing the informal sector in their target areas such as South Sulawesi and Moluccas. RECO stands for expertise in difficult material from previously out of reach regions

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Veritas Edukasi Lingkungan

With Veritas Edukasi Lingkungan we uncover the truth about plastics, educate communities and we work on honest waste management solutions.

With VEL we are in an international network of decision makers, waste management enterprises, academia, media and activism.

Our Vision

We believe there is a huge demand for environmental change in South East Asia. We recognize that the young Asian generation predominantly active on social media is noticing the threat of climate change and the negative impact of environmental pollution.

We are sure that in the 2020 more awareness will be estabilished together with a thriving circular economy. Our mission is to provide knowledge, factual information and mutual understanding across sectors and populations in South East Asia.



We promote strategies that reduce the consumption of products that have the potential to become waste



We promote strategies to reuse products instead of a throw away culture



We explain how recycling helps to recover resources

We work on people's mindset and understanding about the earth we live on. We believe that people as well as institutions will change their behavior to an altered state of environmental knowledge.

We have deducted concrete steps on how to bring about education into communities that we promote on our social media platform as well as offline. Those steps comprise personal as well as business strategies on how to reduce, reuse and recycle organic and plastic waste.

Help Us Grow

What We Do

With @bulesampah we are the megaphone of the environmental movement in Indonesia. We frequently feature educational organizations in remote areas and create a behavioral change impact in communities.

We catalyze the circular economy of the country by accelerating the growth of start-ups, social enterprises and initiatives in the waste sector. We cooperate with sustainable industries and their brands but also with governmental institutions.

RECO Indonesia

We create video content that Millions of Bahasa speaking people watch on Instagram and TikTok. We upgrade journalistic environmental reporting to social media and combine it with an educational approach.

We need You

We need your support. We are looking for private or corporate donations to fund our programs.

Are you a governmental or non-governmental organization working in the field of development and economic cooperation fostering behavioral change, education and capacity building regarding the circular economy and waste management?

Are you in the sustainability department of a multinational group or a company and plan a CSR project?

Are you a charity organization and want to support marginalized communities?

Or are you a private person who wants to help us make more impact?

Help us spread the word.

Please follow @bulesampah on Instagram and TikTok, share and like our content. For business inquiries please reach out to our admin Lina (+49 176 4872 7945)

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