The Waste Education Application SampApp

SampApp is a gamified e-learning platform for Indonesian users to understand how to consume and dispose of plastic goods and packaging responsibility. Try SampApp Now!!

Indonesia is drowning in plastic waste. A lack of waste management infrastructure paired with overproduction and overconsumption leads to massive environmental pollution. There is no widespread, inclusive education campaign to address consumers. The Indonesian public needs to receive information and know-how in the digital space.

Learn everything about the circular economy

SampApp is the first & only nationwide app for Indonesian users to learn about the lifecycle of fast moving consumer goods. SampApp is for free & for everyone

SampApp Basic raises awareness for environmental change and provides strategies for consumers on how to reduce, reuse & recycle. SampApp is connecting the dots between production, consumption and waste disposal. We create “willingness to change” in society

With SampApp we fight pollution at the source. Through SampApp users learn how to reduce waste, greenhouse gasses and toxicity. The app builds capacity for waste management, while SampApp fulfills SDGs 4, 11, 12 and 13

SampApp consists of graphics & animations, videos and gamification of waste tuition. Our users become “waste experts” and can redeem incentives such as vouchers

Learning can be fun

Get to know waste management on an interactive platform

Short Comics and Quiz

Watch short animations and answer multiple choice questions

Get Rewards such as vouchers and cash!

Yes, you can get Rewards! Complete all levels on SampApp and unlock our voucher area

Level Up! Complete all missions

Start as a “Polluter”, increase your tier and become a “Waste Expert”

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Let's make Indonesia clean again

By playing through SampApp you will learn everything about plastics and plastic waste. Become a modern citizen and learn how to prevent, reduce and manage plastic waste and other waste types that we add later. Join our “Generasi Bersih” community on @bule_sampah IG account.

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Our digital education program will be groundbreaking by scale and impact for Indonesia. We measure our impact and fulfill the educational demand in the country to enable circularity. Let's create change together. Reach out to us to learn more about sustainability and marketing partnerships. Plase email us at or click button below

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